Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I seeing a new video player on

We’re always trying to improve the experience, and as part of that, we are introducing our new video player on desktop. We are always looking for ways to update and improve our service, and as such we still have more features planned for our player, so stay tuned!

What’s the point of a new video player?

The new player will have much better performance, making it that much easier and faster to watch your favorite anime. Also, many users have been asking for a video player that uses HTML5 technology, which our new player does.

Is this available to everyone?

Yes, this is available to everyone, regardless of subscription status or geographic region.

How do I change the subtitle language / turn off subtitles?

You can change your subtitle language by selecting the language at the bottom of the screen, or by changing your preferred language in your account settings. You may also completely turn off subtitles by using the subtitle selector within the player.

What do I do if I find any bugs / something doesn’t work / I want to provide feedback about the player?

For the above concerns, please first visit our web browser support page. If this does not assist you please Contact Us directly with your details.

I’m a free user, am I supposed to be able to watch videos in HD?

Yes! Resolution will be based on bandwidth, but we are excited to provide HD video for all users on desktop, starting with this new player.

Why can’t I turn off autoplay / why does autoplay take me out of fullscreen / why doesn’t autoplay work on my browser?

Some autoplay functionality may not be available on the new player at this time, but we are working on continuous improvements to the player and you should expect to see these addressed shortly!

Why can’t I take a clean screenshot anymore?

The player controls, including the large play button when paused, will fade away if you move your mouse away from the screen or leave the mouse inactive for a few seconds.

Can I control player resolution?

The player is designed for resolution to vary based on a user’s bandwidth. However, we’ve given you control options to watch on lower resolutions, if desired.

How do I see the playtime when skipping around within a video?

When you drag the playhead across the timeline you will be able to see the current time in the bottom left corner of the player.

What are some of the hotkeys available with the new player? 

f - toggle fullscreen mode
m - toggle mute
space - toggle pause
left arrow - back 5 seconds
right arrow - forward 5 seconds

Some features from the old player are missing. What happened?

We are still working on new features and will continue to roll them out as soon as they are available. Please stay tuned!

Current updates being worked on include: 

  1. Stacking of subtitles - subtitles (sometimes in other languages) showing stacked on top of one another. (This should only happen to certain titles on web. If this issue happens on a show you are watching you may still view this show on another device or the Windows 10 App)
  2. Support For iOS Mobile Web.

If you have a request that is not listed above, please Contact Us directly with your feedback.

If you still need further help, need something changed regarding your account, or would like to contact us directly, please Contact Us with the details.